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Did Zuck Scare a Superpower Government?



There aren’t many firms, in the world, with as much power as the mighty Facebook. It’s dynamic young leader, Mark Zuckerberg is just so disarmingly friendly in his manner. But, piss him off, and you’ve had it.  

This was the lesson learnt by UK Government. The UK it seems was starting to annoy the tech world and this didn’t much please its leaders in Silicon Valley and beyond. Enter Zuckerberg for a meeting with British Secretary of State, Matt Hancock.

Matt it seems was eager to please and decided to relay that he wanted to seek increased dialogue and ‘offer a new beginning’ for relationships between the UK and tech. Translation: Please don’t leave!

It’s easy to blame Matt for bowing down, but such is the power of tech investment and Facebook is about as big as they come in the tech world!

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Satya Nadella: The Best CEO of Our Time. Yes, Really.

We look at why you simply can’t question why Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella is the best of our generation.



Satya Nadella

It’s not easy to find just one chap or lady who stands out as the greatest CEO of recent times. The list that one can produce is exhaustive. Thinking off the top of your head you may think Zuckerberg or Musk. Or maybe you’re an Amazon fan, Jeff Bezos anyone? Or perhaps the man behind the world’s most valuable company? Mr Tim Cook? Maybe Meg Whitman? But no, whilst we believe these wealth creating, billionaire superstars are doing well, there is one man that really stands out as you look deeper: Satya Nadella. 

Satya Nadella is a name that many in the non-techy world haven’t even heard of. But we can bet comfortably that most of us use one of his products one way or another. He is the CEO of Microsoft. Some of you reading this may think you don’t or hardly ever use his products. Perhaps you’re reading on an iPhone or Android device that has no link to the gigantic company. Bit think back to when you had that Skype session with a family member – Microsoft owned. Need to update your LinkedIn bio? – Microsoft owned. Need to write a CV on Word? – Microsoft owned. Not to mention probably your work PC which uses the operating system. 

So the gigantic company is of course a natural leader in technology right? Well not quite. Founder & first CEO supernerd, Bill Gates was incredible as a leader and put Microsoft on the map. It was a special company. Then, enter his friend and the company’s second CEO, Steve Ballmer. Ballmer came in and lasted a long and boring 14 years where the company saw a dismal stock performance. He basically flatlined the share price and some would argue did little to combat the rise of dominant players such as Google and Facebook instead watching on the sidelines as those companies raced ahead. By contrast, Bill Gates was a ruthless businessman, going so far as to even fight in court against accusations of monopolisation as he destroyed Netscape. Ballmer had none of that killer instinct. Who knows where Microsoft could be had there been another CEO in charge. 

Or perhaps it was just too hard to increase the share price? Well not for Indian-born Satya Nadella. His tenure has seen Microsoft gain an incredible amount of value in the last 6 years since he has been at the helm. The company is now worth over $1.5 trillion and doesn’t show any signs of slowing. Truly, Nadella has harnessed the power of Microsoft in a way that we only saw Bill Gates do in the previous era. So why can’t we claim that Nadella is the best CEO of this time, just as Gates was of the previous era?

Microsoft under Nadella

If you’re grinding your teeth reading this as a Ballmer-lover, then the case is even stronger. If Ballmer is so great and couldn’t raise Microsoft‘s market cap the way it should have been, then Nadella is something even more special that even we think. 


So the man running a company fast approaching 2 trillion dollars is a billionaire right? Well, no actually. His salary is around $2.5million dollars according to annual resorts. He did manage to bag stock options in excess of $30million but this still seems somewhat unfair when we compare the new main man to Steve Ballmer. He has a net worth of over $75billion. Nadella’s compensation starts to look like cheap Labour. Granted, Ballmer was an early employee of Microsoft, but not every early employee is a billionaire.

Nadella has done an incredible job. At a time when new companies were out for blood and looking to destroy the oldies like Microsoft, he held strong and rode the wave along with them. Curiously Nadella isn’t motivated by a founders attitude. Most great current CEOs are founders of their company (Zuckerberg, Bezos, Buffet, Musk). Nadella isn’t, yet he still has a hunger and desire to succeed that exceeds any CEO. 

It is just too hard to argue against his performance. He is, without question, the best CEO. 

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