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$75mil more for Calm: Why its worth a bet on



It’s never been a better time to stay calm and popular app, Calm is helping us do just that.

The company has just raised another $75million at an impressive $2billion valuation. But is that really impressive for such a company?

First, the company has an impressive founder with an excellent entrepreneurial spirit that just doesn’t rest. He used money raised from early ventures to reach this stage. Somewhat similar to the early days of Mr Musk who sold early businesses to go on to finance and then his famous, Tesla Motors.

We’re not saying that Alex Tew is the next Elon Musk – we’re saying he will be a man of his own right.

This start up is definitely one worth watching that will surely go on to become a Big Badass Business.

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StartUp Scene

ZeroAvia: The Start-Up to Watch Fly




ZeroAvia has ambitions to transition the aviation industry to hydrogen power and reduce, or indeed get rid of all together the carbon footprint left by planes across the globe. Such a feat will not be easy, but the start-up has taken a significant step by announcing a partnership with British Airways.

ZeroAvia uses hydrogen to power its planes and has already demonstrated its work across southern England. The company is dedicated to helping green conscious nations reach their targets. UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson aims to be the leader on this front and will be pleased to see the start-ups impressive news ties with the powerful aviation group. 

British Airways parent company, IAG is currently down year to date significantly, and understandably so as coronavirus has hampered aviation stocks. However, with an exit from the pandemic likely, the future of the industry’s stock prices looks bright. IAG however, has looked further into the future with this partnership deal, showing commitment to the long term sustainability of its business. A very smart move that could see share price rise further as investors take note of its green actions. 

Meanwhile the BA deal could only be the start of an exciting development for ZeroAvia. The start-ups young serial cleantech entrepreneur, Val Miftakhov will surely look to bring his technology and vision to a wider array of companies. His progress so far has been impressive in a space which requires a lot of creative thought in order to innovate and change.

At a time when creative and innovative stocks are setting records, ZeroAvia will surely be a company to watch closely as more about its fundamentals, government contracts and private and publicly-traded company partnerships come to light. We recommend keeping a close eye on this impressive and ambitious start-up as it takes flight.

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