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Why AirPods Max will take over the Music World



$549 is expensive for any piece of tech. But for just headphones? Very Expensive. With that kind of moola you could get yourself a whole new phone, games console or ever a little old car? But no, we bet you’ll get the new AirPods Max.

We’re not saying that these AirPods are amazing, we know little about them, and in any case, we would find it very hard to justify this sort of price. However, this is Apple and by now, we have learnt not to bet against apple. We’re just too scared to. Period.

Apple does have a distinct advatange in the market. Not Apple Music. No. Apple has Beats. The purchase of beats for such a high price tag now starts to make more sense.

In. fact, think back to Apple’s revival. It wasn’t due to the Mac range or even coming up with a new phone, yes they did that eventually, but Apple was revived with the iPod.

The company owes a lot to music and has deep routes here. They haven’t, and are unlikely to put a foot wrong here.

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